studio nicolas zupfer is a small creative consultancy based in stuttgart and berlin.

we develop context-specific graphic design and art direction for editorial projects, visual identities, digital formats and spatial concepts – from idea to production, from small to large scale.

our design approach is characterized by attitude and dialogue rather than personal style: based on a content-driven and strongly collaborative practice, each of our design concepts reflects on occasion, strategy, editing, narration, materiality, technology, production, distribution and perception of the given project – using these conditions as active design elements to put content, context and shape in resonance.

Thereby, we believe that it is of great importance to integrate the design process into the project development at the earliest stage possible – and to collaborate closely with the client as well as the experts from production and other participating disciplines involved.

selected clients and collaborators:

arróniz – arte contemporáneo (mex), art basel (ch), arup (uk), biennale di venezia (i), bmw group kulturförderung (de), jonas bolle (de), reto boller (ch), dave bopp (ch), bundesagentur für arbeit (de), uli cluss (de), dorten studios – creative consultancy (de), max eastley (uk), felix ensslin (de), filderbahnfreundemöhringen ffm (de), forum kunst rottweil (de), gianfranco foschino (chl), rainer ganahl (at/us), hatje cantz (de), heidelberger kunstverein (de), Institut francais (FR), institut für buchgestaltung und medienentwicklung der abk stuttgart (de), jangled nerves (de), kerber verlag (de), kühlhausberlin (de), künstlerbund baden-württemberg e.v. (de), kunstmuseum stuttgart (de),

kunststiftung baden-württemberg (de), kw institute for contemporary art berlin (de), landesverband galerien in baden-württemberg e.v. (de), modo verlag (de), moris (mex), galerie müller-roth (de), niggli verlag (ch), Projekttriangle Designstudio (de), martin riches (uk), timm roller (de), s-k-a-m – stuttgarter kollektiv für aktuelle musik e.v. (de), spector books (de), splitterwerk (at), staatliche akademie der bildenden künste stuttgart (de), städtische galerie karlsruhe (de), stadtgalerie saarbrücken (de), raphael sbrzesny (de), stadtbibliothek stuttgart (de), stapelberg&fritz (de), strzeslki galerie (de), galerie michael sturm (de), fabian treiber (de), universität stuttgart – fakultät architektur und stadtplanung (de), villa merkel – galerien der stadt esslingen a.n. (de), Kanton Zürich – Fachstelle Kultur (CH).

Nicolas Zupfer studied graphic design (Uli Cluss, Gerwin Schmidt) at the State Academy of Art and Design Stuttgart, where he also did some field trips into the department of fine arts (Reto Boller, Rainer Ganahl) as well as the department of aesthetics and cultural theory (Felix Ensslin). While studying he was Assistant at the Institute for Book Design and Media Development (Director: Uli Cluss), student representative in the department of design and he also founded his own studio. After finishing with a diploma in graphic design, he worked for several months with Dorten Studios – creative consultancy (Berlin) as an Art Director for BMW Group Culture and Art Basel.
His work has been awarded in international design competitions, e.g. Type Directors Club New York (Jury Award), Type Directors Club New York (Certificate of Typographic Excellence), Type Directors Club Tokyo, Hong Hong Poster Biennale, 100 Best Posters from Germany / Austria / Switzerland.


studio Nicolas Zupfer
schreiberstrasse 36, 70199 Stuttgart, Germany

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